Guaranteed Author

Learn how to successfully write, self-publish & market your kindle and print books

~ Guaranteed! ~


Do you want to successfully self-publish?

You have a book in you but you don’t quite know how to go about taking it from idea to Amazon, yes?

Or perhaps you would love to have a personal coach to show you through the maze of self-publishing but that’s just not within your budget?

Or maybe you have already published your book and you want to know how to promote and market it?

In this course, I’ll share with you everything you need in order to go from idea, through the process of writing, self-publishing and then promoting and marketing your book.

You will also have access to weekly Q&A where I will answer any questions you may have along the way.

Your Coach

Leigh St JohnHi, I’m Leigh St John.  I’ve written and self-published over twenty books, several as a ghost-writer; two of my books became best-sellers; I’ve written well over one hundred published articles; coached many people through the process of writing and self-publishing, and taken an even larger number of people through to becoming a best-seller on the world’s largest bookstore.

I’m also a laptop-lifestyle entrepreneur who not only lives a dream, location-free life, but also teaches people how to be location-independent (btw, this photo was taken in full period costume at a steampunk festival I attended – just one of the perks of living the life of a luxurious nomad).

Let me teach you what it has taken me decades to learn – and how you can successfully write, self-publish & market your kindle and print books ~ Guaranteed!

Guaranteed?  Yes!  As long as you follow the steps, I guarantee you will become a published author with your book on ~ the world’s largest bookstore.

Is this Guaranteed Author Program for you?

This program is designed specifically for:

    • Writers who are totally new to the world of self-publishing…
    • Authors who have already self-published, but your books are languishing in obscurity…
    • Traditionally published authors who have decided that self-publishing may be the way to go moving forward…
    • Authors who have previously used the services of a fee-for-service publishing company who have charged you thousands of dollars and you have seen little or no results…
    • Writers who would love a personal self-publishing coach but that simply isn’t within your budget – yet you are determined to finally bring your book to life!

In this course, I take you through everything I teach my one-on-one coaching clients – and all the steps and information I personally use when I self-publish.

What is covered in the Guaranteed Author Program?


This is a twelve week course where you learn everything to take you from idea to published author and then on to marketing and promoting your book!

…and you get immediate access to all sessions upon signup!  

I know some people want to race through the course – others have specific items with which they need assistance, so I made the decision to give it all to you at once.  Then it’s up to you how you best digest the information.

Session 1


  • Start with the end in mind
  • About Your Coach
  • Your Next Book
  • Is this a Business?
  • Your Brand


  • Dictation Software
  • How to Structure your Book
  • Table of Contents
  • Copyright Notice
  • ISBN
  • Library of Congress Number

Session 2

  • Pen-Names
  • Difference between self-publish, POD & traditional publishing
  • Why self-publish
  • Traditional publishing
  • POD publishing
  • SEO & keywords
  • Who are your Readers?
  • Where are your Readers?
  • Editing
  • How many pages?
  • Formatting
  • Amazon ‘look inside’

Session 3

  • Using Images
  • Book Description
  • Internal links
  • Book Cover
  • Title
  • Tagline / Teaser

Session 4

  • Publishing your Book for Kindle
  • Pricing
  • Amazon Categories

Session 5

  • Createspace – step-by-step
  • KDP Select

Session 6


  • Reviews
  • Your Author Platform – Remember Your Brand
  • Amazon Associates
  • HTML formatting Amazon description

Session 7

  • Amazon Author page
  • Amazon Author Central
  • Outsourcing Help
  • Electronic Media Kit
  • Blogging

Session 8

  • QR Codes
  • Printed Promo materials
  • Social Media
  • Hashtags
  • Google Alerts

Session 9

  • Press Releases
  • Your Website
  • The Money is in the List

Session 10

  • Google Author
  • Goodreads Author Page
  • Smashwords Author page
  • Librarything Author page
  • Creating Your Book Trailer

Session 11

  • Audio Books
  • Networking
  • Book Launch
  • Virtual Book Tour
  • Write and Submit Articles

Session 12

  • Paid Promotion
  • Supporting other Authors
  • Give your Book away
  • What else is for sale?


Furthermore, I guarantee that, as long as you do the work and follow the steps, that you will become a published author on the world’s largest bookstore,

Frequently Asked Questions

Circle-question-redI am a new author, will your programs help me?

These programs are designed for YOU, the person who wants to become positioned as an Expert in your field by publishing your own book.  This program is designed for people who have ZERO experience with self-publishing or website development. Our training is specifically created to help you learn what you don’t know.


Circle-question-redWhat if I’m not ready to write my book yet?

Then this is the PERFECT time to start!  You see, there are a lot of things we recommend you consider before you even type the first word, so starting before you are ready to write is actually the best time!  …and remember, if you are like a lot of people, you have been thinking about this for some time…  Make the commitment to yourself to actually DO this!  You won’t regret it.


Circle-question-redWill you help me sell more books?

We will do everything we can to help you sell more books!  We give you the tools and information you need in order to effectively market and sell your book ~ tools and information that other clients have successfully used before you, that you can use, and that others after you will use…  


Circle-question-redWill it cost me a lot to publish my book?

Not at all!  We teach you to be able to do everything yourself (even if your a newbie and you know next-to-nothing about computers etc!) – so apart from the actual cost of the course itself, many of our clients spend ZERO.  Obviously, there are some areas where you may choose to pay for assistance, however we teach you everything you need to know to either do it yourself or to at least know what questions to ask if you do hire a professional.


Circle-question-redDo I have to purchase a certain number of books?

Absolutely NOT!  We suggest a print-on-demand company called Create-Space.  They are a division of Amazon and they are what they say “print on demand”.  You can simply order as many or as few books as you like – AND you don’t need to order ANY and you can still get your book listed on


Circle-question-redCan I work at my own pace?

YES!  The Guarantee Author Home-Study Program is a self-paced program.  You will have access to all the training sessions that are audio files or printed materials – you listen to / read them in your own time and work at your own pace.


Circle-question-redHow long is the course?

The Guaranteed Author Home-Study Program is a 12 week course, with all sessions delivered immediately so you can make the program as long or as short as you need!


Circle-question-redWhy is the Guaranteed Author Home-Study Program so cheap?

Because all the training materials are delivered online, we have been able to reduce the price significantly – and we believe if we’ve been able to save on the delivery of the Program, you should save on its purchase!


Circle-question-redCan I hire you as a Personal Writing/Publishing Coach?

Absolutely!  That’s what the Guaranteed Author Coaching Program is all about – in 90 days (or longer if you wish) I will take you from where you are to being a published author on the world’s largest bookstore, PLUS, for a limited time* only, I will give you the Best-Seller Program for FREE!  That means not only will you be a published author, your book will also become a best-seller – guaranteed!  If you would like more details, please send me an email to  * Subject to availability and offer may be withdrawn at any time.


Circle-question-redHow do I get started?

The program is only $297 or 6 monthly payments of only $50.  Just choose your preferred payment method and click on the link below.  We use the secure payment facilities of PayPal.



CLICK HERE FOR OPTION ONE:  $297 paid in full

CLICK HERE FOR OPTION TWO:  $50/month over 6 months

…and if you have any challenges for any reason, please feel free to email us at